Our company offers not only touristic price rentals but also weekly, monthly and longer term type rentals.

We deal directly with landlords and owners in order to avoid unnecessary “middle-man” third party fees providing the best price-quality ratio.

All our properties are in line with the latest legislation and equipped with the best comfort.

Please read our technical data on every single property to gain a better insight on the property in question and contact us for any further query.


There is no better way to crown all your holiday memories than with a cookery course in Tuscan cuisine.

We take pleasure in spending quality time with our customers so much that we think it is great to teach you how to cook some fresh pasta dishes recipe, starters or even nice puddings, all of which accompanied by a nice glass of wine.

We can then dine together with the dishes created by you.

We can also arrange a special event to crown the end of a long day at work.


We also organise Wine tours, for couples and groups, in the areas where the best wine makers of Tuscany are located.

We will proudly drive you around on our little mini van to taste the world most renowned wines such as Chianti, Brunello and the Nobile of Montepulciano.

Our clients will also be shown the vineyards, cellars and tasting areas by their respective winemakers, who will be proud knowledge sharers of their wine making techniques.